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David Hartley

David became one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs in the 70s and 80s, supplying solutions (software and hardware) for the accountancy profession and enterprises in 15 countries around the world. David’s career also included ventures in Hong Kong, New Zealand, UK, Antigua & Barbuda, Panama, and now Saint Lucia. The systems developed by David’s various forms have produced and to this day continue to produce financial statements for millions of businesses.

Vadim Frolov

Software Development and Information Systems Analysis. Design, development, optimisation and project management experience. Vadim brings over 20 years of software development, information systems analysis, design, development optimisation and project management experience. He has a background in AI and mathematical linguistics. His passion lies in understanding difficult matters such as philosophy and developing IT solutions which help improve economies for the good of all.

Marcell Nimfuehr

He is a trained software developer with 15 years of experience in strategic communications (Doctors Without Borders among others). Marcell has experience in technology, start-ups, communications, lobbying, advocacy, fundraising including ICOs. He is a writer and film maker.

Nicolas Marshall

Primarily a back-end web developer, but with quite an interest in the front-end and nice designs, Nicolas' vocation is to build tools that make anyone's life easier. Always interested distributed systems, he became passionate about decentralization when he saw in it the potential putting control back in the hands of users.

Luka Maljic

Luka is a web developer specializing in scalable frontend architectures, user interfaces, and reactive programming. He is passionate about open source technologies, as well as providing simple, intuitive, and pleasant user experience in human - computer interaction.

Karlo Krznaric

An entrepreneur active in diverse fields of communication: consulting and coaching, conference hosting, online instruction, speaking (and listening). He is the author of the book Joy of Speaking and has a proven record of collaborations with start-ups, SMEs and NGOs to improve their internal and external communication.

Ken Fontius

With over 20 years experience in all things digital, Kens focus is researching effective strategies to implement peer to peer economies. His expertise include digital identification and global regulatory specifications with sharp analytical abilities of unconventional trends and emerging technologies.

Luka Cindric

Mobile developer by vocation, but a technologist and an enthusiast at heart. Luka loves developing mobile apps that make life simpler, better and above all fun.

Tomislav Cukelj

Tomi creates digital adventures with meaningful stories. Simplicity above all. Minimalist at heart. Hipster at night. Unicorn.

Francisca Vaessen

Francisca is an international person, an artist at heart, with European and African heritage, who lives and was educated in several African countries and Holland, which has long been a country of internationalists. The second formative aspect to Fransisca for her role with Pacio, is her involvement with technology, web design, marketing and languages.

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